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A Portrait of Self Hatred

20 Apr

Stacy Swimp is a Black Conservative Republican, President of The Frederick Douglass Foundation in Michigan and  a member of the Tea Party. Confused yet? Mr. Swimp has agreed that, Black people who receive entitlements, like food stamps and section 8 should have to take drug test in order to keep benefits and that the average Black person cant spell racism. Is Mr. Swimp about to crumble really fast!!

Check Out Stacy Swimp  interview on BlogTalkRadio with Wayne Bradley.

Check Out “The Unofficial Spokesperson for Black Conservatives”- Stacy Swimp.


Ladies, Would You Propose To Your Man?

19 Apr

In modern society there is a scene normally for the man to propose to a woman that dates back decades, actually it’s considered outrageous or even desperate for a women to propose to a man. It’s actually considered aggressive and from what we hear, no man wants to date a women who is overly aggressive. Under no circumstances, you ask a man to marry you, it’s an act of desperation. So, Chrissy, your desperate honey!

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